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Empowering and connecting the healthcare continuum

Our vision is to coordinate social and healthcare services to improve the well-being of individuals and their communities. We do this by:

  • Leveraging data

  • Delivering a robust system of record to social service agencies

  • Building community networks

  • Connecting organizations together


Better serve your community with Community CareLink  

Imagine a world where you can view and measure the social determinants of health that matter most to your community. Imagine coordinating care across the continuum for your most vulnerable populations while connecting them to most critical resources in real time.  


That’s the world we’ve built in partnership with our clients—the most dedicated people we know to serving others. Community CareLink is THE solution for integrating the care delivery model to create equitable access - for everyone. 

Case management-built.
Care-centered. Connected. Coordinated.


Case management-built  

Custom, case management views:  

  • Client profiles show all pertinent information face-up 

  • Program manager dashboards help to manage case loads 

  • Easily change client status, add resources or discharge from the dashboard  

  • Facilities reporting with associated costs 

  • Documents manager to easily and securely manage client docs and eSignatures 

  • One-on-one or group therapy notes 

  • Client alerts based on treatment plan, needs and triage protocol  

  • Crisis call management, from intake to referral  

  • SOAP-based case management notes


  • Intake process designed from best practice/industry standards 

  • Intuitive charting  

  • Residential capabilities to identify highest areas of need or gaps in care across a resident community  

    • Bed boards  

    • Facilities reporting  

    • Group therapy management  

  • Service delivery plan management  

    • Track social determinants of health across critical domains like financial, employment, career, housing and much more  

  • Customizable intake forms  

  • Agency document storage 

  • In-platform eSignature capabilities  

  • Crisis call intake and management



  • In-platform, HIPAA-compliant messaging with document attachments 

  • SaaS-enabled platform for easy set up and access across the community  

  • Referral networking  

  • Custom intake form for self-application  

  • From referrals dash, view and act on inbound and outbound referrals 

  • Refer to internal or external partners across the social safety net  

  • Resource guides connect resources across an entire community via a searchable database, regardless of status on the platform  

Organizational Management

  • Access a library of templated, pre-built and commonly used reports 

  • Build customizable reports based on organizational needs

  • Report on the community, organization, program or individual level  

  • Report on program effectiveness, participation, completion rates and more  

  • Show program outcomes to earn additional funding 

  • Track costs across the entire organization  

  • Identify areas for improvement 

"62% of the funders that have contributed to the capital campaign are first-time Amethyst Place donors, which suggests that we have been able to tell a richer story about our impact to give them the confidence and motivation to invest in our expansion."


Director of Strategy & Growth | Amethyst Place

Kansas City-based women’s recovery and treatment housing facility, Amethyst Place, used data from CCL to show the donor community the need for additional services, leading to the investment in a new $15.4M long-term housing expansion of its current facilities. Read the case study here.  

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