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Community CareLink Wins Prestigious Collaborative Effort Award for Digital Health Innovation

Updated: Jun 14

We are thrilled to announce that Community CareLink has been honored with the esteemed Collaborative Effort Award in the Digital Health Innovation category at this year’s annual ViVE Conference in Los Angeles. This accolade recognizes our groundbreaking work in uniting diverse entities to enhance social services in Jackson County, Missouri.

Celebrating Innovation: STRIVIN’s Impact on Social Services

STRIVIN, the award winning initiative Community CareLink supports, addresses the critical issue of fragmented social services, particularly for victims of traumatic events such as gun violence. STRIVIN stands for “Strategic Trauma Response and Intervention through Virtual Integration Network,” and it epitomizes our commitment to leveraging technology for social good.

Tackling Fragmentation with STRIVIN

Jackson County has long struggled with disjointed social services, often leaving the most vulnerable individuals without the support they need. STRIVIN revolutionizes this landscape by offering a comprehensive case management software system. This innovative platform connects victims to essential resources, ensuring timely and effective support.

Key Features of STRIVIN:

  • Diverse Referral Platform: STRIVIN establishes a robust referral network that bridges gaps between various service providers. This ensures victims receive holistic care tailored to their unique needs.

  • Trauma-Informed Responses: Our program emphasizes the importance of trauma-informed care, offering sensitive and appropriate responses to those affected by traumatic events.

  • Cross-Sector Collaboration: STRIVIN promotes collaboration across different sectors, bringing together healthcare providers, social services, law enforcement, and community organizations. This united approach enhances the overall effectiveness of social support systems.

  • Enhanced Resource Accessibility: By streamlining access to resources, STRIVIN ensures that individuals can easily connect with the services they need, reducing barriers and improving outcomes.

  • Data Analytics for Impact Measurement: Utilizing data analytics, STRIVIN continuously measures the program’s impact, allowing for data-driven improvements and demonstrating the effectiveness of cross-sector collaboration.



A Model for the Future

The success of STRIVIN sets a new standard for social service delivery, showcasing the potential of digital health innovation. By uniting stakeholders around shared well-being goals, STRIVIN serves as a model for communities worldwide seeking to improve their social service frameworks.

Looking Ahead

Community CareLink is committed to expanding STRIVIN’s reach and impact. We believe that our collaborative approach not only addresses immediate needs but also fosters long-term resilience within communities.

Join Us in Celebrating

We invite our partners, stakeholders, and community members to join us in celebrating this significant achievement. Together, we can continue to drive positive change and create a brighter, more connected future for all.

For more information about STRIVIN and our other initiatives, please visit our website.


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