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Empowering and Connecting the Healthcare Continuum 

Our solution was built to provide our partners with intuitive and seamless resources. We keep it as simple as possible while maintaining the sophistication of robust data capabilities so that you are empowered to support the most vulnerable populations. Our platform can be used as your Care Management/Care Coordination Electronic Health Record, or can be used as a  compliment to your current solution.

We’re committed to serve every member of the social safety net, including:


Social Service Agencies

Where it all began; Case management built for case managers

Your organization is a vital part of healthcare. Our reporting helps you showcase outcomes to secure and increase funding. Our technology streamlines processes and creates efficiencies, and our capabilities enable you to get reimbursed by insurance companies for covered services.

"Community CareLink was, in a nutshell, transformative" 


President and CEO | Welcome House Transitional Living

Comprehensive, collaborative, certified and easy-to-use

With all the functionality a nonprofit needs to complete both daily tasks and report on outcomes, the CCL platform was built in partnership with our clients to address their specific needs.

  • Complete daily functions of case managers and nonprofits

  • Establish internal and external collaboration and referrals

  • Streamline workflows via an easy-to-use, intuitive SaaS platform

  • Compliant with all behavioral health certifications, including HIPAA 


Government Agencies

State-wide connectivity with Community CareLink

It takes a village to provide the support necessary to help the most vulnerable populations, and we can help you integrate the various entities that provide these supports. Our platform can be used to data-share across sectors, pull together the holistic picture of each individual, and show you overarching needs. Our technology provides you with effective and efficient tools you need whether in the office or boots on the ground.  

"For a lot of agencies and bodies of government, the conversation around Population Health is just beginning. With Community CareLink, our county has been monitoring and improving our Social Determinants of Health outcomes since 2015." 


Executive Director | Randolph County Caring Community

At-the-ready tools across a client’s lifetime of need

Empower every member of your social safety net—from front-line workers to judicial system professionals to outpatient facilities—and everything in between with the tools they need.

  • Track populations in real time (while tracking family members of effected individuals) 

  • Implement and track your waiver programs.

  • Report on community activity and improvements

  • Stay HIPAA compliant 



Standardize and analyze agency reporting

You have the means to help, but how do you know which organizations need it most, or which have the greatest chance of success? With CCL, you’re able to quantitatively and qualitatively measure social determinants of health and program outcomes, and align resources accordingly to make the biggest impact for your community.

"The biggest thing for us is sharing data and providing easy access for all agencies access it. We want to be able to share information to make sure that clients get the resources they need to be self-sustained, and CCL has given us that ability. We've made it as easy as we can to get services to those most vulnerable families in our communities."


Executive Director | Jackson County Combat

Make sense of social determinants of health data while arming partners with leading-edge software

Get a more robust view of community efforts and the true impact of each.

  • Track clients across all community partners

  • Monitor and manage program costs across the community

  • Pull and analyze data on program outcomes

  • Measure your true impact across the continuum of care

  • Stay HIPAA compliant 


Payers and Providers

Leading the conversation around Social Determinants of Health

You have a vast scope of responsibilities, and connecting all of the areas that support your patients/members is not easy. Our solution allows you to integrate programs and services into your care model. We are HIPAA and ONC certified and can be used as a stand-alone system or data-share. Our solution streamlines the data and processes you need to effectively determine resource needs and ROI, and our team of experts will provide you with outcomes reporting that directly correlates to the goals of your organization.  

Stay up to date

From the latest trends in health care, social determinants of health learnings, data published from our platform and more, follow our blog. 

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