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Impact social determinants of health across your community, one member at a time.

From intake to impact – and everything in between – the Community CareLink case management platform helps nonprofits, community and health care organizations, government agencies and funders across the U.S. strengthen the social safety net and put humans back at the center of their communities.


Finally, an EHR built by case management professionals for case management professionals.  

Community CareLink is a SaaS platform that allows every member of the social safety net to:

  • Streamline the intake process and remove the need for disparate systems (or get off paper entirely)

  • Use intuitive workflows to follow the natural case management process for patient care

  • Easily refer clients to community partners

  • Reference and follow a client’s lifetime of need across the continuum of care

  • Track outcomes at the client, organization or community level to prove program effectiveness

The funding community has become increasingly data-driven and focused on investing in true impact. By adopting CCL in 2020, we have been able to better demonstrate our impact on Kansas City families and attract investment from new major foundations and government sources.

Sarah Knopf-Amelung

Amethyst Place

Measuring social determinants
of health

Access to care isn’t a privilege, it’s a human right. Yet, the fabric of the social safety net is only as strong as the links we’ve forged with one another. And to best serve your community, every thread in that net must work together.


That’s why we created Community CareLink, a comprehensive case management EHR built by case management professionals for nonprofits, governments, clinicians and funders—and all the people they serve. Our individualized, community-based SaaS platform allows case managers to follow a client throughout their entire lifetime of need, connecting them to resources in real-time, tracking their progress and measuring outcomes.


Meet the team behind Community CareLink.

Industry-Leading Case Management EHR

Case Management Electronic Health Records

Follow a client throughout their entire lifetime of need, connect them to resources in real-time, track their progress and measure outcomes.

Who We Serve
People-Serving Organizations
  • Nonprofits

  • Payers and providers

  • Crisis call centers

  • Women and children’s housing facilities

  • Short- and long-term housing

  • Substance-use disorder providers

  • Transitional living facilities

  • Child advocacy centers

  • Court system professionals

  • County-wide networks

  • State-wide networks

  • Probation and parole offices

  • Police departments

  • Mayors’ offices

Donors &
Other Funders
  • Foundations

  • Payers

  • Universities

  • Community organizations

  • Charitable groups

We’re proud to partner with amazing people-serving organizations across the country.
"In a word, the Community CareLink system has been transformative in almost every way."


President and CEO | Welcome House Transitional Living

Welcome House, a Kansas City-based long-term recovery and treatment housing facility for men has earned more than $10M towards its capital campaign for a new facility, thanks in large part to Community CareLink’s reporting capabilities.


Click to read the full story of

Welcome House.

Gauge and report on program impact

We empower government and organizational leaders with community-wide trends and insights to inform decision-making, share learnings with partners, and identify the most vulnerable populations across the continuum of care to match them with the resources they need to thrive. Check out our reporting capabilities

"We told Community CareLink what we wanted to track, what numbers we were going to need, and they really made it smooth building the reports we needed."


Sunstone Recovery Housing

Stay up to date

From the latest trends in health care, social determinants of health learnings, data published from our platform and more, follow our blog. 

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