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How Community CareLink Builds Comprehensive Software for Case Management

As a nonprofit, it’s important to streamline your operations and focus on the most important task of all—meeting the needs of your clients.

Discover a revolutionary way to transform communities from the inside, out with Community CareLink. Our innovative SaaS case management platform aids non-profits, government agencies, funders and other community organizations across the nation in establishing a strong social safety net that empowers people to live their best lives. The platform puts the client's well-being at the forefront of their care plans, building bridges between intake and impact to create a seamless and comprehensive approach to social services. Case managers can now work more efficiently, focusing on the natural case management process for patient care through intuitive workflows, built by case managers for case managers.

The CCL platform makes life easier for case managers through:

Management of Electronic Health Records

Following each client over the course of their entire lifetime of need can be time-consuming and tedious without a secure system in place. That’s why Community CareLink offers an EHR designed to connect clients with resources in real time, track progress and measure outcomes. This system allows you to better understand your client’s needs so you can provide them with appropriate services.

Referral Networking

You run a lean team. And it’s not always possible for non-profits to provide all the necessary services their clients might need internally. With Community CareLink’s referral networking system, you can build and maintain a record of incoming and outgoing closed-loop referrals to connect each client with service providers across the community. Accurately track needs, connect and collaborate with referral partners and pull valuable outcomes data to prove program effectiveness at the client, organization or community level.

Client Intake

Community CareLink also provides custom forms and templates that make client intake easier than ever. This streamlines the intake process so that more clients can receive help faster. Each client file is attached with important documents so that they receive holistic care from start to finish.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging systems are essential for any organization handling sensitive data like healthcare records or financial information. Community CareLink has a HIPAA-compliant messaging system that allows providers to communicate securely without risking data violations.


Community CareLink offers scheduling services internally and with community partner agencies for real-time client appointments. This ensures that everyone involved stays organized without feeling overwhelmed by too many meetings or conflicting schedules.

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Imagine a world where healthcare isn't just about treating the symptoms, but about addressing the root causes of poor health. Community CareLink's system is designed to capture, analyze and report on a wide range of factors that impact individual health and well-being, from housing and food security to transportation and language barriers. With in-depth insights into clients' social determinants of health (SDOH), you can provide the best possible care and support.

Connect With Us

Experience the full potential of cutting-edge case management software by customizing it to fit the specific needs of your organization. We offer tailor-made solutions that highlight your unique data outcomes and program success. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach; see for yourself how customization can lead to increased funding and better outcomes. Get started by scheduling a consultation today!


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