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New Client Spotlight

Community CareLink Implementation at Sunstone In October 2022, Community CareLink was selected to help the Sunstone team build a comprehensive case management system that met their specific needs. Community CareLink worked side by side with the Sunstone team over the next three months. “We told Community CareLink what we wanted, to track, what numbers we were going to need, and they really made it smooth building the reports we needed,” Sickinger recalls.

Through the platform, Sunstone collects data on resident sobriety progress, employment status, weekly resident check-ins, resident funding status and the overall program success rate. With this data, Sunstone can easily pull reports to show the results that matter most to the onsite team, residents and to current and potential donors. Ease of use was another reason Sickinger and team chose Community CareLink.

“It’s very simple; the easiest system I have ever used by far.”

Looking ahead, Sunstone is ready to use the data and reporting Community CareLink provides to show how their recovery housing model can set residents up for long-term success, which will help to expand their programming and serve up to 60 residents at one time.

To follow Sunstone’s growth and continue learning how Community CareLink is supporting their mission, follow us on LinkedIn as we share their progress throughout 2023.


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