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How Better Program Data Can Earn Organizations More Funding

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Non-profit organizations rely heavily on grants and the generosity of donors to fund their important work, and donors want to know that their contributions are making a meaningful difference. That’s where data comes in. With Community CareLink (CCL), organizations can keep track of everything through an individualized, community-based SaaS platform that allows case managers to follow a client throughout their entire lifetime of need. By presenting accurate data to prove the impact of their programs, organizations can clearly communicate results and demonstrate the urgent need for continued support. In today's world of data-driven decision-making, having access to this type of information is essential for success in the nonprofit sector.

How Better Data Tells Richer Stories

CCL captures relevant client information, including demographics, clinical information and social determinants of health (SDOH) using a self-sufficiency questionnaire. CCL ensures that multiple users can input data simultaneously, streamlining case management and providing a complete client summary at any given time. This collective information can be used to identify trends and highlight areas that require additional attention to their client’s health. Having access to this level of collective data allows people-serving organization leaders to provide the highest quality of care to their clients. The data can be used to measure the success of programs and where investing more money would best benefit the organization. Below are a few examples of CCL working in the real world.

Welcome House empowers men in Kansas City to overcome substance use and addiction through residential support services and rehab programming. Welcome House discovered CCL's electronic health record system to monitor program outcomes and easily generate reports that capture the success they contribute to daily. These reports served as inspiration for the Welcome House staff, reminding them of the lives they are transforming. They also communicated the need for expansion, which helped them successfully secure more than $10 million in funding for a much-needed new facility. The Welcome House Recovery Center increased its bed capacity from 80 to more than 100 this year using CCL’s data to show funders why the investment was crucial.

Amethyst Place is a place of hope for women and children healing from substance use, trauma and poverty in Kansas City. Because of a growing waitlist, they needed to expand to ensure no one was left without care. With CCL's help, staff can now record and track program progress and recovery processes, streamlining the grant writing and creation of marketing materials. By utilizing CCL's powerful system, they're able to track data, evaluate their program and showcase their impact to funders and the community. Donors can now appreciate the significant transformation taking place in the form of a brand-new campus.

Data: A Valuable Tracker in the Non-Profit World Access to data allows organizations to make informed decisions that adjust programming and demonstrate effectiveness to donors. With the use of CCL, organizations can stay on track by:

  • Monitoring the duration and frequency of service delivery

  • Supervising program completion and progress

  • Tracking client satisfaction

  • Measuring how client experience informs the direction of future services

  • Capturing data that ensures adherence to legal and regulatory requirements

  • Providing evidence for accreditation standards

How Donors Want to See Data

By utilizing data to showcase the results of their efforts, non-profits can clearly communicate the impact their work is having and demonstrate a real need for continued support. With an increasing demand for transparency and accountability, donors want to see organizations providing them with a clear picture of how their funds are being spent and what impact they are making. CCL's reporting capabilities provide evidence of this impact and the critical work organizations are doing. Donors can easily access the data they require to make a more informed decision regarding their contributions. Additionally, social services managers can utilize the data captured on CCL to present a public case for funding, thereby strengthening relationships with donors and other stakeholders, ultimately leading to an increase in donations.

Overloaded? We Can Help!

CCL provides nonprofits, governments, clinicians and funders with a comprehensive electronic health record that delivers everything they need to support the communities they serve. CCL is a valuable tool that keeps organizations on-track in a data-driven era, ensuring they're delivering quality services while meeting requirements and demonstrating accountability that will secure funding for the programs needed to support clients. By using CCL, you can maximize your reporting capabilities and guarantee success for your organization. Reach out today to learn more.


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