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Software built by Non-profits, for Non-profits.

Community CareLink makes documenting your team's work easier than ever. Starting at $450 a month, Community CareLink has a place in every organization. 


Take your daily tasks  and more to the next level inside of Community CareLink.


Track referrals and co-case management efforts all within a single platform.


All of your data is kept safe in our secure cloud-based environment.

Easy to Use

Community CareLink is built for maximum output with minimal data entry.

Key Functionality

Track every client inside of your organization, including an interactive bed board for residential services.

Ensure your client information stays secure and HIPAA compliant across the board - including built in Secure Messaging.

Schedule programs and services for each of the clients you serve - both external and internal to your agency.

Track the entire family unit with a number of different tools that make documentation efforts simple and scalable.

Take your intake and application process completely electronic with processes built right into your website.

Generate reports customized to your agency for funders, outcomes, grants and general information.

"Community CareLink was, in a nutshell, transformative"

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