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Easy-to-use, quick to implement.

Community CareLink

was built with you in mind.

Community CareLink was built by clinicians, for clinicians to streamline the processes behind People Serving Organizations all around the world.

Community Care Link Overview
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Enhance every process behind your organization

Community CareLink was built with your organization in mind, driven by a user friendly interface and top notch customer service.

Powerful, Intuitive Case Management Software

Drive efficiency, save time & improve quality of care

Have more data at your disposal to prove your successes

Remain in compliance with ever-changing regulations surrounding funders

Secure Messaging

Send client information without concern of data violations

Accurate Charting

Track your beds and the success of your programs in real time



Schedule appointments at partner agencies for your clients in real time


View customized reports based on the needs of your organization

Go Digital

Take your entire organization to a cloud hosted, secure platform

Referral Networking

Build and maintain a record of referrals going both in and out 

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