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New Case Management Software - Making the Switch

Community CareLink staff had the great pleasure to partner with a nonprofit in Washington earlier this year that serves houseless populations that was looking to make a switch from their existing EHR vendor.

After two months of working to understand their unique needs – from the Executive Director to grant writers to advocates – building the software and training the staff, they officially began using Community CareLink’s longitudinal patient record at the beginning of July 2022.

According to one of the program coordinators, they found our team to be very responsive even after the system was in place. Our team intentionally stays involved because we understand how challenging it can be to make a big transition, and support is as important as ever post go-live.

“We have seen over and over again, when an organization first implements new technology, particularly an entirely new system, there is a period of adjustment,” said Dale Gray, CCL’s CEO. “We want our partners to get the most out of our powerful case management software, and the only way to ensure that is for us to stay involved and remain responsive, while everyone in the organization gets comfortable with the change.”

This recent implementation, like all organizations who upgrade to comprehensive case management software, is going through a predictable period of adjustment as users adapt to new technology.

So, why do it? As one, program manager pointed out, they will soon have a central location where everyone in the organization can report, track, and follow up on the valuable services they provide. Most importantly, the data will be in a secure environment (HIPPA compliant) that protects the sensitive information of the people they serve.

Additionally, CCL’s reports will provide the critical information this behavioral health nonprofit needs to expand, like:

· Progress reports that ensure no one falls through the cracks

· Data on program efficacy

· Outcomes for grant reporting

Often, the people we work with are implementing electronic behavioral health records for the first time. Staff are highly trained in their fields of expertise, not in navigating longitudinal patient records. Expecting and managing the transition is crucial to getting the most out of case management software.

We are so grateful to be supporting the amazing work of this organization and all of our partners.

If your organization is in need of similar upgrades and standardization, get in touch with us today.


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