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Community Information Exchange

A community information exchange (CIE) is an integrated technology platform shared by a group of service providers so that they can coordinate services and collect data.

Coordinated Services

Providing whole-person care can be difficult when an individual or family is in crisis. Particularly if there are complicating factors, like poverty, unemployment, mental health challenges, addiction.

Technology revolutionized the way health care and community services are provided, allowing for the creation of a longitudinal record that easily tracks a person’s journey across multiple visits as well as across multiple service providers.

With a shared technology platform, community service providers can talk to each other in a shared language and coordinate care, providing assistance that addresses all of the challenges an individual or a family is faced with.

Data Collection

With a longitudinal record, service providers are able to track data. This is crucial for determining the progress of a person being served. Providers can determine if a treatment plan is working and adjust the plan if it is not working.

Additionally, when a community tracks outcomes in a coordinated way, larger trends can be observed and a community can determine what programs are effective and allocate resources accordingly.

CCL Community Information Exchange

Community CareLink provides a secure, Drummond-Certified, electronic medical record that is HIPAA Compliant. CCL is ONC Health Information Technology. Our platform is cloud based so there will be no hardware – only a username and password. CCL is customizable for your budget and easy to use. Built for and in partnership with clinicians, it is appealing to the least and most tech-savvy users in your organization.

We are ready to go. We can quickly implement your system, so it is ready when you are. Contact us to learn more about how CCL can help your organization.


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