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CCL Partners: Providing Better Care and Saving Money

Community CareLink technology has been helping Jackson County save money and provide more appropriate care for 2 years. Here’s how much:

Incarceration Deferment Program

Using CCL, the Jackson County, MO Court System coordinates treatment with local social service agencies ($23/night) instead of city jail ($60/night).


· Person receives appropriate services

· Taxpayers pay less

Here’s how it works:

· Person enters specialty court (i.e., Drug Court or Mental Health Court)

· Person is assessed for substance use disorder and residential services

· Person is referred to an appropriate agency

· Judge and agency have access and can update the person’s case file

Cost Savings: $125,700

Fire Department Community Paramedic Program

If someone calls 911 and an assessment indicates that their needs are nonurgent, the Crisis Response Team coordinates appropriate social services for the person.


· Client receives appropriate services

· Taxpayers pay less

Here’s how it works:

· Nonurgent 911 call comes in

· Crisis Response Team screens for appropriate social services

· Using CCL, Crisis Response Team makes and tracks referral

High-Utilizer Call ROI: Avg $1,000/hr

Emergency Department Deferment Program

Using CCL communities in the Greater Kansas City area have reduced the impact and provided better care for people who frequent use emergency services.


· High-utilizers receive better care

· Emergency resources are saved

· Taxpayers pay less

Here’s how it works:

· 911 is called

· Care Coordinator intervenes with Emergency Services

· Call assessed as not medically urgent

· Using CCL, Care Coordinator finds appropriate social services and an open bed

· Patient is referred to a living facility

· Patient receives shelter, food, and social services

ROI Per Grant Dollar: $19.24

Overall Savings: $1,204,000

Police Department Social Services Program

With CCL’s Curbside Case Management, when someone calls 911, Police Social Workers attend the call.


· Person receives appropriate care

· Police save resources

· Taxpayers pay less

Here’s how it works:

· 911 is called

· Police Officer & Social Services arrive

· If nonurgent, Social Worker screens for client’s needs

· Using CCL, Social Worker searches for resources, messages Case Manager, tracks referral

Caller receives appropriate care. Police save resources. Taxpayers pay less.

Contact us to learn more about CCL and how it can help your community.

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