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See the results of a Community CareLink Installation 

Our clients see day one return on investment

First Call Technology partners with our clients to ensure that each Community CareLink and Kids CareLink implementation is smooth sailing. Upon deployment, your team will understand the benefits of our platform and what each different reporting and outcome tool will mean for your funding partners and the local communities you serve. 


"In a word, the Community CareLink system has been transformative in almost every way" - Jamie Boyle, President and CEO, Welcome House

"Finding First Call Technology was like finding a diamond in the rough" - Dennis Meier, Associate Executive Director of Clinical Services, Synergy Services

"I really like having the ability to keep track of participants progress for the week, as well as being able to document incentives and sanctions in one single entry" - Tierney Clement, Specialty Court Case Manager, The City of Kansas City, Missouri

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Community CareLink was built with your organization in mind, driven by a user friendly interface and top notch customer service.

Drive efficiency, save time & improve quality of care

Have more data at your disposal to prove your successes

Remain in compliance with ever-changing regulations surrounding funders

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