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Data Extract Statement


Community CareLink (CCL) Extract Services allows health systems to do manual one-time exports of health data for one or more patients.  The following extracts can be generated from the 'Reporting' portal in the CCL web app for customers to export single, multiple, and date range based reports of patient record fields into comma separated value (CSV), Word, or PDF Formats native to CCL.  These table exports are specific to CCL's schema and some electronic health information may not be available in table format, such as rich text documents or images.  This information will be referenced in the EHI tables but the actual files can be reviewed and downloaded separately.  


The extract contents may vary client by client depending on a number of factors, including:


  • The software modules in use for the platform that the client is in that exported the files.

  • The software module versions in use for the platform that the client is in that exported the files.

  • The user workflows designed by the client based on use practices in place at the client that generated the exported files.

  • Configuration decisions for patient and user documentation made by the client that generated the files.




Detailed Grant Report -

Patient Demographics including ID, Name, DOB, County, City, State, Gender, Ethnicity, Race, Admit Date, Discharge Date


Appointment Detailed Report -

Patient appointments including the programs assigned


Print All Notes -

All caregiver notes related to services for a patient


Client Substance Screening Details Report -

Patient urinary analysis results


Client Diagnosis Information Report -

Patient ICD10 Diagnosis and Diagnosis Date


Treatment Plans by Review Date -

Patient treatment plans along with creation dates, review dates, and closed dates


Attachment Manager -

Note what documents and eSignature document types are attached to a patient which can then be exported by form (as PDF) as needed

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