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Tech for Good: Scaling Up

A Kansas City behavioral health nonprofit providing prevention and treatment services to individuals and families impacted by substance use disorders has been using Community CareLink for 10 years. Emily Hage, Vice President of Development, insists that the exponential growth of the organization would not have been possible without electronic health records.

Hage explains that over the last decade her organization has shifted from an emphasis on private funding sources to public/government grants as part of a strategy for expanding services.

To apply for public funding, a nonprofit must provide solid demographic data about the people they serve: gender, race, ethnicity, income, insurance status. If the grant is awarded organizations must submit regular detailed reports on outcomes. Without easy-to-use, case management software, this kind of information is nearly impossible to gather in a reliable way.

Before Community CareLink, Hage remembers clinicians spending hours sorting through stacks of handwritten records whenever she had to provide data to funders. Using computerized medical records, she can generate customized reports with a simple query, freeing up clinicians to focus on the important work they do.

For a recent county grant, Hage had to provide data on unique clients served, a time consuming task that required downloading data into a separate spread sheet and manually eliminating duplicates. She contacted Community CareLink and asked if there was an easier way. Our programmers added a unique client count, and now Emily can do a simple query to get the data she needs.

To learn more about how Community CareLink can improve your ability to gather data, contact us for a demo.


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