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Tech for Good: Provider Productivity Report

Times have changed for people serving organization during the global pandemic. One of our partners, a behavioral health nonprofit in Kansas City, has had to make adjustments with staff working remotely. The Director of Clinical Services, Megan Fowler, says the Provider Productivity Report has been an indispensable tool.

“Our clinicians are working offsite with a large degree of autonomy,” explains Fowler. “The Provider Productivity Report allows me to keep track of how much work my team is doing. I use it to determine work load, both to ensure that everyone’s work is manageable, and to evaluate productivity and efficiency.”

Additionally, the way crisis calls are documented has shifted to adapt to the intensifying needs of the community due to the pandemic. Instead of navigating between pages to take client information, counselors now use a streamlined Agency Document to gather the information necessary to make meaningful community referrals.

“We are seeing an increase in the severity and complexity of issues people are struggling with, in crisis calls as well as in clinical programs,” Fowler said. “Direct services staff has been trained to use the Columbia-Suicide Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS). Clinicians and crisis call counselors can easily access the C-SSRS in CCL when safety concerns arise during a crisis call, an advocacy session or a substance use evaluation.”

And now that electronic signatures are HIPPA approved, clinicians can provide vital care in a timely manner, without having to meet in person and risk spreading Covid. Flower and her team have all the tools they need to continue providing excellent care under extraordinary circumstances.

Our commitment to work with direct services staff has allowed us to create solutions for our partners that make their work easier. And our nimble team has been able to react quickly to ensure that our partners can adapt when something unexpected arises, like a global pandemic.

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