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Tech for Good: Program Client Overview is a Game Changer

Working with clinicians and case managers, Community CareLink recently added Program Client Overview to the case management software used by a prominent behavioral health nonprofit in Kansas City.

“It has been a game changer,” said Megan Fowler, Director of Clinical Services. “I used to have to go into individual files if I wanted to survey the work load of our clinicians and monitor the progress of the people we serve.”

Rather than look at each electronic health record of every client, Fowler can now create a single report that highlights anyone who has not received services in the last 90 days. She can then work with her team to ensure the person is engaged in services and receiving appropriate help.

Fowler says that staying on top of this kind of information ensures that no one is falling through the cracks and that her organization is providing the best possible care. Ongoing updates like Program Client Overview are also crucial in meeting CARF accreditation guidelines and her agency’s documentation standards.

To learn more about Program Client Overview and other features that Community CareLink has developed in partnership with clinicians and case managers, call us for a demo.


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