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People-Serving Nonprofits: The Changing Workforce

We maintain an ongoing relationship with our partners and regularly check in. We especially appreciate any chance we have to talk to the people who are using CCL daily. Over the years we have noticed that Millennials – the generation born roughly between 1981 and 1996 – are changing the game.

When we first started creating a longitudinal electronic health record for nonprofit, people-serving organizations, technology was not pervasive. One of the hurdles we had to overcome was the perception that technology would be impossible to use and get in the way of personalized care.

We cleared that hurdle by working closely with clinicians and other front-line workers to design software that was easy to use and helped, rather than hindered, connection with the people they served.

Over 15 years later, while technology is increasingly more prevalent in the nonprofit sector, we continue to work closely with end users to ensure that their ability to serve their community is enhanced by technology.

Recently we had the chance to talk to some new hires, all of whom were Millennials, at a behavioral health nonprofit. We asked them what they thought of the technology and whether it helped them do their work.

They love CCL and found it easy to use, which made us happy. But what we found more interesting is that it never occurred to them that they wouldn’t be using technology in their new jobs. In fact they couldn’t imagine doing their work without technology.

“I’m not Gen Z. I would be able to do my job without technology,” one Millennial joked. “But technology has been fully integrated into practically everything I do for a long time. I don’t know how we could provide the quality of care we do without CCL. It’s huge in providing warm handoffs between clinicians and ensuring inter-agency continuity of care.”

Once, using technology was viewed as a challenging new way to serve people. Now using technology is essential for nonprofit, people-serving organizations that want to attract a younger work force.

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