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COVID19: Community Resource Guide

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Across the country, people are being impacted by efforts to stop the spread of Coronavirus. If you have never been in the position of needing help from community service organizations, you may be feeling overwhelmed. You may not know where to begin.

Community CareLink has created a resource page that gathers information about community resources in one place, with a simple navigation tool that will help you or anyone you know find the support during these difficult times.

The link to the page is:

If you are in need of food, you can check the “Food” box, input your zip code, and you will be provided with a list of all of the programs near you that offer food assistance. Resources range from employment and shelters to counseling and senior services and much more.

The resource guide is curated and updated on a regular basis for the Kansas City region. Please help us spread the word about this free resources guide.


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