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Community CareLink in Times of COVID-19

We are grateful to provide vital case management software to nonprofits serving vulnerable populations, including: adults and children impacted by domestic violence; people struggling with mental illnesses and substance use disorders; people experiencing food insecurity and homelessness and more.

None of these services cease to be relevant during a global pandemic. In fact most of our partners have seen an increased need as the spread of Coronavirus keeps people at home. We have been in close contact with our partners, keeping track of how they are using electronic health records during stay-at-home orders and working with them to make make sure our client management software is supporting staff working remotely.

One senior clinician said that, while Community CareLink's online case management tools have always been an invaluable tool for providing consistency of care and tracking outcomes, now that her team is providing telehealth remotely, it has become even more indispensable.

She and her team have had to think creatively to ensure that the people they serve don’t fall through the cracks, both internally as well as when they are referred to other agencies. They have created new services in Community CareLink to ensure quality of care, like:

· Getting client signatures on intake paper work

· Documenting attempts to contact clients

· Coordinating client’s Release of Information

· Coordination with other agencies

Additionally, without face to face communication throughout the day, Community CareLink's case management software is crucial for thoroughly documenting engagement with clients. With online client service records, supervisors can ensure that clinical teams are adhering to agency and accreditation standards and providing the best possible care.

Susan Whitmore, CEO of a prominent, behavioral health nonprofit in Kansas City, shared that Community CareLink has been an invaluable tool as her entire agency works remotely. “Community CareLink’s case management software has helped me provide important information to funders to assure them that, even though our staff is working remotely, they continue to provide the full spectrum vital services,” she said. “I can easily create reports that demonstrate the efficacy of our agency’s programs.”

Whitmore and her team have worked with Community CareLink programmers to create additional screening tools to support clinicians working remotely. “The screening tools allow us to continue providing standardized care and help our clinicians feel confident that they have done all they can to help the people we serve, many of whom are in extreme distress.”

To learn more about how Community CareLink can help your organization, call us for a demo.


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