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Deep functionality embedded into an easy to utilize platform

See the Community CareLink difference.


Give your agencies an easy to use platform - while allowing them to send you the data you need.


Collaborate with your partners inside of the Continuum of Care.


Our platforms are compliant with every major certification in the behavioral health space.

Easy to Use

Community CareLink is built for maximum output with minimal data entry.

Curious how a county-wide community can be connected through effective software? Check out the case study.

Key Functionality

Track homeless population in real time, allowing for an accurate Point-In-Time count.

Ensure your information stays secure and HIPAA compliant with our Secure Messaging function.

Maintain an accurate schedule of events for your agencies, allowing for deeper collaboration.

Track not only specific homeless individuals, but their families as well.

Streamline intake processes for the agencies you support and import standard forms for submission.

Generate reports customized to your specific needs, without burdening your agencies with cumbersome software.

"Community CareLink was, in a nutshell, transformative"

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